Dublin on a Budget

My detailed posts on Northern Ireland and Dublin are here and here.

I travelled to Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day, so the daily cost was a more than I would normally pay. I didn’t have a choice of accommodation (I booked what was available at the time) but all other costs are normal. Also included here is my trip to Northern Ireland which may not be for everyone. It turned out to be a little more than expected but I loved every minute of it. Also keep in mind that the Republic of Ireland uses Euros (€) and Northern Ireland uses GBP (£). My car rental with Europcar was €106.15 plus €34.05  to travel in Northern Ireland. I split this over the three days I had the car.

Day 4 (continued from London) Total: €68.97

  • Car rental with Europcar €46.73
  • Sandwich at gas station €4.25
  • Global Village in Belfast £15.50 (€17.99)

Day 5 Total: €180.59

  • Car rental with Europcar €46.73
  • Giant’s Causeway £10.50 (€12.19)
  • Paddy Campbell’s Black taxi Tour £30+tip (€34.82)
  • Parking Garage in Belfast £11.50 (€13.35)
  • Parking Garage in Dublin €7.50
  • Abigail’s Hostel in Dublin €66.00

Day 6 Total: €208.62

  • Car rental with Europcar €46.73
  • Gas €77.22
  • Dinner at St. Oliver Gogarty’s €18.67
  • Abigail’s Hostel in Dublin €66.00

Day 7 Total: €118.25

  • Lunch at Keogh’s Cafe €14.85
  • Footsteps of St. Patrick Walking Tour €15.00
  • Guinness at Vat House €6.40
  • Abigail’s Hostel in Dublin €82.00

Day 8 Total: €106.50

  • St. Patrick’s Cathedral €6.50
  • Guinness Storehouse Brewery Tour €20.00
  • Green Door Market Lunch €7.00
  • Little Museum of Dublin €4.00
  • Celtic Cookie Company €3.00
  • Abigail’s Hostel in Dublin €66.00

Day 9 Total: €13.50

  • Air Coach bus from Dublin City Centre to Dublin Airport €6.00
  • Lunch at the airport €7.50

Dublin Total €695.53

Keep in mind, I rented a car, travelled to Northern Ireland and went to Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day. The hostel was 3-4 times more expensive because it was around a festival. If you take out all car related expenses and reduce the cost of the hostel it would’ve been around €250 for 4.5 days. That’s the drawback to travelling during a holiday but for me, the extra cost was worth it! A bus tour from Dublin to Giant’s Causeway/Belfast is around €80 and a bus tour from Dublin to Glendalough is around €20. I wouldn’t have been able to see the Dark Hedges, done the taxi tour or pull over to take pictures of the beautiful scenery so again, the car expense was worth it to me. Plus, I learned how to drive on the wrong side of the road (in Canada we drive on the right hand side). It’s all about balance!

What do you think? Would the extra cost for St. Patrick’s Day or the car rental been worth it for you?

2 thoughts on “Dublin on a Budget

  1. After reading your awesome Irish adventures in the Northern Ireland and Dublin posts, I can see how the extra cost of going during a holiday could totally be worth it !! Nice budgeting skills! 😮 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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