London on a Budget

You can check out detailed posts from my trip to London here and here.

I’ve heard many times that travelling London is very expensive. While there are ways to cut costs, I found a lot of the cost of being a tourist in London is the tourist attractions. Visiting Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and taking a ride on the London Eye puts you at over £100 (GBP). With the exchange rate in Canada, that’s almost $200 CAD! Of course, the London Pass is the best bang-for-your-buck if you plan on hitting many of the top attractions in London. I planned, right from the get-go, that I was going to cut costs where I could and try to do London on a budget. Here’s a breakdown of my attempt where costs are shown in GBP and my donation amounts/tips/gifts/souvenirs have been excluded.

Day 1 Total: £48.13

  • National Express from London Gatwick airport to Victoria Coach Station £8.00
  • Bought 4 bananas and 2 apples from M&S Simply Food £2.80
  • Charing Cross luggage storage £6 (for 0-3 hours)
  • Used the public toilet at Westminster Underground Station £0.50
  • Dinner in Covent Garden at Le Pain Quotidien £15.45+tip
  • Hostel Room at Smart Russel Square Hostel £15.38 (each night)

Day 2 Total: £39.88

  • Snack at Tate Modern Cafe £9
  • Dinner at Horniman at Hays £15.50+tip
  • Hostel Room at Smart Russel Square Hostel £15.38 (each night)

Day 3 Total: £45.78

  • Brunch at Speedy’s Cafe £12.45
  • Tea from a coffee shop £3.00
  • Laduree Macarons £14.95
  • Hostel Room at Smart Russel Square Hostel £15.38 (each night)

Day 4 Total: £17.50

  • Lunch at The Beer House £9.50
  • National Express from Victoria Coach Station to London Gatwick £8.00

London total (4 days): £151.29

Something to keep in mind is that I snacked on fruit (bought at M&S Simply Food) and energy bars/nuts (brought from home) throughout the day and breakfast was included at the hostel. All museums were free/by donation, I walked everywhere (over 75 km in those 4 days) so I didn’t have to pay for public transit and stayed at a cheap hostel that is a little farther away from Central London. Of course, this style of travelling is not for everyone but this is how I travelled on a budget.

Do you have any tips for saving on costs while being a tourist? Let me know!

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