Europe Trip 2017 Fitness

Another trip of not needing to try very hard to get my fitness in for the day! I walked everywhere I could and it showed on my step count. I also packed healthy snacks to get me through the day which made a big difference. Here’s a low-down of my fitness:

Day 1 (London): 24,700 steps (13.5 km), 11 floors
Day 2 (London): 41,600 steps (24.8 km), 23 floors
Day 3 (London): 38,200 steps (24 km), 16 floors
Day 4 (London/Travelling): 23,200 steps (13.6 km), 8 floors
Day 5 (Driving Northern Ireland): 20,200 steps (11.9 km), 55 floors
Day 6 (Driving Ireland/Dublin): 11,500 steps (6.8 km), 10 floors
Day 7 (Dublin): 13,300 steps (7.1 km), 28 floors
Day 8 (Dublin): 25,700 steps (14 km), 27 floors


Breakfast (everyday): Toast or cereal and a tea.
Snacks (everyday): A banana or apple and a granola bar or almonds
Lunch/Dinner: Quinoa cake dish (day 1), Fish and chips (day 2), a Full English Breakfast (day 3), Sandwich and cookies (day 4), Sandwich and brownie (day 5), Lasagna and chips (day 6), Quiche and cake (day 7).
The days I ate out for lunch I snacked in the afternoon and the days I ate out for dinner I snacked during the day. It helps to cut down costs and keep the unhealthy foods to a minimum. Overall, I was extremely happy with my fitness level (even though my body hated me) and the food I did eat out was much more satisfying.

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