Packing for London and Dublin

See here and here for my planning post on Ireland and here and here for my planning post on London, England.

After planning what I want to do while travelling, the next thing to think about is packing. I decided to take just a carry on for my trip in March since I’ll be doing a few transfers, staying in hostels and will definitely have to carry my luggage around for a few days. It will be much more manageable with a small suitcase rather than my large one.

I took a look at what to expect in terms of the weather and it should be:

  • 10°C during the day in London, dropping slightly in the evenings and will be fairly rainy.
  • Slightly warmer in Dublin than London and just as wet.

Types of Outfits

Since I’m bringing one carry on, I picked items that layer well and can be worn with multiple items. I went with a black/white/grey/red colour scheme to keep it simple and to easily mix and match items. I dislike being cold or too warm so layers will be perfect. Bulky layers are not preferred for my carry-on. I’m taking an overnight flight from Canada to London so I’ll want to be comfortable and warm on the plane to sleep.

I don’t have plans to go anywhere fancy (read: restaurants, theatre, shows) and will be spending a lot of time walking around the cities I’m visiting. So, I’ll be keeping it extremely casual. I’ll be bringing one green item for St. Patrick’s Day festivities (of course).


I have these rainboots* but they take up too much space in my carry-on. Instead I’ll bring two pairs of shoes (my Nikes and Converse) to alternate so one pair can dry while I’m wearing the other.  Both are incredibly comfortable to spend 8+ hours a day in for walking. I’ll pack lots of socks to keep my feet warm and dry!


I bought this yellow rain jacket and it’s perfect for travelling – it stuffs into this handy bag, is incredibly lightweight and stands out in pictures. I have this Columbia Women’s Jacket that I wore all over Iceland but it’s bulky and I think it will be too warm for my trip (Let’s hope I’m right!). I also have a lighter water-resistant jacket (it’s called the Get Up and Glow jacket by Lululemon) that I’ll bring as a back-up. I’ll be bringing 1, and sweaters to easily layer. I also packed a few tank tops, tshirts and button-up shirts to layer under sweaters. Pants will be leggings– I find they’re the most versatile bottoms, lightweight, pack well and dry quickly for a rainy environment. During the day I’ll carry my camera, wallet and other daily essentials in a zippered cross-body bag and bring a drawstring bag. The drawstring bag is just a light, small bag that I can store my jacket in if I decide to take it off. I personally do not like carrying around a jacket so the drawstring bag will be perfect when I don’t need the extra warmth. I will also bring two pairs of thin gloves (from the Dollar Store) to keep my hands warm (because who likes having cold hands?)


Since I’ll be bringing a carry-on and not checking baggage, I have to make sure not to go over the liquid limits for international travel. I found this neat trick online where you can store makeup, facewash, moisturizer etc. in contact lens containers. Perfect! Everything else will be travel sized – toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, mascara, lipstick etc. I have a large travel bag (similar to this one) I normally use for toiletries but in the interest of saving space I’m packing extremely light and trying to fit it in this one.

Do you have any suggestions for packing for this sort of trip? Let me know if you think I’ve forgotten something important!

*Disclosure: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. All opinions expressed are my own and items have been previously purchased by myself.

One thought on “Packing for London and Dublin

  1. Fantastic! Sounds super thoroughly researched and planned out as usual – I hope you’ve packed well! Love the little slide show of all the clothes to put it in perspective 🙂 Have a great trip!


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