Calgary 2017 Fitness

The purpose of my trip to Calgary this February (2017) was to go downhill skiing (for my first time) and to visit two of my best friends. Here’s a lowdown of how I tried to continue my regular fitness routine while in Calgary.


Day 1: 10 km of walking (we wandered around the mall and took my friend’s dog for a walk)

Day 2: Took my friends dog for a 45 minute walk, 1 hour downhill skiing, total of 6 km of walking during the day

Day 3: Took gus for a 20 min walk before breakfast, Bragg Creek (4.6 km hike)

Day 4: walking around the mall for 2 hours! not a bad way to get in some exercise Total 6 km walking


Day 1: Breakfast: Starbucks (egg sandwich and a tea); Lunch: Super Green Salad Bowl from Dirtbelly (it was amazing); Dinner: Home cooked porkchops and veggies for dinner. I also had a London Fog at a cafe while waiting for a friend and resisted the amazing looking baked goods!

Day 2: Breakfast: Peanut butter and toast with a few orange slices; Lunch: Pizza, salad and hot chocolate at PZA; Dinner: sushi for dinner at Kabuku

Day 3: Breakfast: Home cooked bacon and eggs; Lunch: Leftover sushi and a cookie from the Calgary Farmer’s Market; Dinner: salmon, quinoa salad and goat cheese salad with Jelly Modern Donuts for dessert.

Day 4: Breakfast: “Banana Foster’s” french toast at diner deluxe with a side of breakfast sausage; Dinner: london fog at starbucks and a ham sandwich for dinner!

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