London – Atlas Obscura

See my previous post on Atlas Obscura here. See my previous post on planning for London here.

After putting together a list of over 70 things to see while in London (for free), I checked out the Atlas Obscura website and looked up what to do in London-there were over 150 things! The first thing I did was write out (read: made an excel file) all the places to visit in London that were on Atlas Obscura. I compared this list to the list I made here and removed duplicates. I removed places that had a fee, wouldn’t be open when I’m in London or were too far to walk to. After more time than I care to admit (secretly I love it though), I finally had a combined list of 134 things to do and they were all relatively in an order for me to visit. Some of the places I’m most excited to visit (after looking them up on Atlas Obscura) are:

  1. Leadenhall Market. The scenes in Diagon Alley for Harry Potter were filmed here and you can even visit the door they used for the Leaky Cauldron!
  2. Ruins of Dunstan-in-the-east. One of London’s secret gardens.
  3. Seven Noses of Soho. Self explanatory.
  4. Houseboats of Regents Canal. Who doesn’t like pictures of boats?
  5. Jeremy Bentham’s Auto Icon. I read this one in the book and it has a great backstory.
  6. Sherlock Holmes Pub.

While it seems rude to talk about the 134 FREE things I plan to do, I promise I will be writing about them. Stay tuned (after my trip) for an update of what I was able to visit and my notes on each. I can’t wait!

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