Ireland – Atlas Obscura

See my previous post on Atlas Obscura here. See my previous post on planning for Ireland here.

I checked out their website and looked up what to do in Ireland. I made a list of all the places that would be along my drive from Dublin to Giant’s Causeway. Here’s the list:

  1. Loughareema: the vanishing lake
  2. The Dark Hedges of Northern Ireland: Avenue of beech trees
  3. Giant’s Causeway: 40,000 interlocking basalt columns
  4. Dunluce Castle: now-ruined medieval castle in Northern Ireland
  5. Mussenden Temple: small circular building located on cliffs near Castlerock in County Londonderry
  6. Milltown Cemetery (in Belfast): large cemetery in west Belfast
  7. Peace Maze of Northern Ireland: the world’s second largest hedge maze
  8. Jumping Church: According to legend, the west gable of the building jumped two feet inside the wall of the original foundation
  9. Mound of the Hostages: ancient passage tomb
  10. The Round Tower of Glendalough: Round Tower which stands 33 meters above the ground
  11. The Wonderful Barn: corkscrew-shaped barn
  12. Conolly’s Folly: obelisk structure and National Monument
  13. Kilbeggan Distillery: oldest licenced distillery in Ireland
  14. Sean’s Bar: claims to be the oldest pub in Ireland
  15. Charleville Castle: Gothic-style castle
  16. Kinnitty Pyramid: burial pyramid in central Ireland
  17. Leviathan of Parsonstown (Birr Castle): unofficial name of the Rosse six-foot telescope
  18. The Rock of Dunamase: rocky outcrop
  19. Slemish Mountain: the legendary first known Irish home of Saint Patrick
  20. Cairndhu House: The ruins of a once-grand mansion in Northern Ireland are now thought to be haunted
  21. Puck’s Castle: ruins of Puck’s Castle
  22. Victor’s Way Indian Sculpture Park: An eccentric garden of Indian sculptures

The green items are the top 6 things I want to see – if I don’t see any of the other items that’s okay! Unfortunately, I had to take off Victor’s Way Indian Sculpture Park because it isn’t open in March and I also removed the other red items due to lack of time. The orange items are places I may not have time to visit. The remaining black items are left on the list because they are on the way/only an extra 15 minutes max from my top 6 things to check out.

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