Top Items to Research for a Trip

I personally like to do loads of research when planning a trip. Travelling as cheaply as possible requires that I look into lots of options for what I want to get out of the trip. I love budgeting different types of trips to get the most of my money (road trip vs. staying in a city, hotel vs. hostel, where to eat, what to do, free vs. paid attractions) That being said, lots of people like travelling on a whim and see where their trip take them. In either case, here are four items I recommended researching beforehand when packing for a trip.

  1. Travel visas. It would be terrible to get to a country and not be able visit because you’re missing documents.
  2. Vaccinations. Some vaccinations are highly recommended for specific areas in the world. Make sure to be up-to-date!
  3. Weather. If you are unfamiliar with the country you are visiting you may not know that temperatures drop significantly at night, how much rain the country actually gets or how cold it can get in the winter! You’ll want to know if you should pack: a winter jacket, rain jacket or light sweater; pants or shorts; tights for dresses; hats or mitts; winter boots, sneakers, sandals or rain boots. Sometimes you may want something unexpected – the first time I went to Cuba I wish I had brought pants and a sweater for the evening.
  4. Holidays. Unless you’re travelling to a country specifically for their holiday, you’ll want to search if there is a holiday at the time you want to go (if you’re flexible). Travelling to Dublin, Ireland will be more expensive for St. Patrick’s Day in March: Calgary, Canada will be more expensive for the Calgary Stampede in July.

What suggestions do you have for researching before jet-setting to your destination? Is there anything you wouldn’t research before heading off on your travels?

If you’re like me, check out this post for travelling on a budget!

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