Weekly Fitness Post 5

You can find my fitness goals here.

Workout summary:

x Yoga 3 times
Cardio 6 times
x Resistance 2 times
✓ Cheated 2 times

Monday: 40 min walk, 30 min yoga
Tuesday: 25 min soccer, Arm workout @ gym
Wednesday: 40 min walk, BBG full body, 30 min yoga
Thursday: 35 min bike, 30 min yoga
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: 1.5 hour snowshoe
Sunday: 2.5 hour snowshoe


Finally made my cheat meal goal! I had Sbway on Tuesday and made homemade mac &a cheese of Friday night.

How I feel:

Not beating myself up about missing a resistance workout and a yoga workout and trying to stay positive about all the exercise I did do!

Next Week:

This week I’m going to focus on going to a hot yoga class everyday. The last few days I haven’t been focused on my practice at home and going to a class will definitely help with that!

Hope you had a great weekend!

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