Weekly Fitness Post 4

You can find my fitness goals here.

Workout summary:

x Yoga 5 times
Cardio 6 times
x Resistance 2 times
x Cheated 6 times

Monday: 35 minute walk, BBG Legs and Cardio 45 minute arm and abs, 35 minute restorative yoga
Tuesday: 60 minute soccer game, 75 minute hot yoga
Wednesday: 35 minute walk, BBG arms and abs, 30 minute restorative yoga (using Down Dog)
Thursday: 60 minute soccer game, 30 minute restorative yoga (Down Dog app)
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: 45 minute walk, 30 minute restorative yoga
Sunday: 35 minute walk


Almost every day! It was not a great week for food and I indulged way too much. Time to get back on track this week.

How I feel:

Recap: I just missed most of my goals this week but that’s okay! I was still getting over this terrible cold and I think I’ve finally managed to kick it. My eating habits were way off track which is unfortunate but I just didn’t meal prep in advance which is always a hazard for me.

Next Week:

Since I’m feeling better I plan to complete all my fitness goals and meal prep tomorrow for the week. I normally meal prep Sundays (today) but I got home late and am going straight to bed! It’s been a long (but great) weekend and I’ll need to rest up before tomorrow morning’s hot yoga class!

Hope you had a great weekend!

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