Weekly Fitness Post 3

You can find my fitness goals here.

This week did not go well. I got a cold Tuesday afternoon and haven’t been able to kick it yet! So this week I’ve paid a lot of attention to what my body needs: rest, high intensity workout or low intensity cardio.

Workout summary:

x Yoga 3 times
Cardio 5 times
x Resistance 2 times
x Cheated 4 times

Monday: 40 minute walk, 45 minute arm and abs, 35 minute restorative yoga (using Down Dog)
Tuesday: 60 minute soccer game
Wednesday: Sick. Spent the whole day in bed, leaving my house once to pick up cold medicine!
Thursday: 60 minute soccer game
Friday: 40 minute arms, 35 minute bike, 30 minute restorative yoga
Saturday: Rest Day 2
Sunday: 3 hour snowshoe, 30 minute restorative yoga


Tuesday: Red velvet cake slice
Friday: Kraft Dinner
Saturday: Treats (popcorn and chocolate while spending the night in watching movies)
Sunday: Seafood Mac and Cheese (yum)

How I feel:

Recap: I hardly completed any of my goals this week but it’s definitely more important to take care of yourself when you’re feeling under the weather. Rather than use it as an excuse to do nothing, I tried to do what I felt my body could handle. I’m hoping I can kick this thing soon so I can get back to my regular routine!

Next Week:

I’m going to focus on getting rid of this cold so I’ll be taking it fairly easy and doing much the same as I did this past week – focusing on doing only what my body can handle and taking each day as it comes. Happy Sunday everyone!

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