New York City Fitness

New York City is such a diverse city and many neighbourhoods are within walking distance of each other. We stayed the the Roger Smith Hotel in Midtown Manhattan and we (mostly) walked to Central Park, museums, West Village, Greenwich Village, Times Square and Broadway. We took a subway to Soho and Brooklyn but walked the High Line. Walking is a great way to save money on transportation while travelling but also to stay active (and work off the amazing rich food).

Day (night) 1: Travelling and our first night in NYC: 11.6 km walking and 16 flights of stairs.
Day 2: Museums and Central Park: 20 minute workout of pushups and abs, 23 km walking and and 10 flights of stairs
Day 3: High Line and Shopping: 20 minute workout of pushups and abs, 18.4 km walking and 12 flights of stairs
Day 4: Brooklyn, Soho, Battery Park: 21.8 km and 15 flights of stairs.
Day 5: Top of the Rock and Shopping: 20 km walking and 20 flights of stairs

I didn’t restrict myself with my meals and ordered what I thought looked best on the menu of the day. I mostly had eggs for breakfast, a small lunch (if any) and a larger dinner before heading out on the town. I had planned to do a 20 minute workout every day but slept in on day 4 and 5 (probably from having one too many drinks the night before). I don’t feel too bad though – we walked so much!

One thought on “New York City Fitness

  1. So much walking – impressive!! And you’re so right, doing that much activity while in vacay makes you more willing to order (and enjoy) whatever you want! Nice job ladies 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

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