Weekly Fitness Post 2

Thanks for checking back in! If you’re new, you can find my weekly fitness goals here.

This week went much better than last week. I sat down last Sunday and took a look at my soccer schedule and decided my rest day would be Friday: normally I take it Sunday but I had a soccer game Sunday so that wouldn’t work. This made me more motivated to fit more workouts in during the week or else I wouldn’t get them done.

One more thing before I get into my summary: I recently read somewhere that if you don’t want to do a workout you had planned, do 15 minutes of it. If, after those 15 minutes, you STILL don’t want to do the workout you can stop. Often you’ll find that because you’re already at the gym/out for a run, walk or bike/in the middle of a session you’ll finish the workout you originally had planned.

Workout summary:

x Yoga 4.5 times
Cardio 5 times
Resistance 3 times
x Cheated 3 times

Monday: 60 minutes Hot Yoga, 35 minute bike
Tuesday: 40 minute walk, BBG legs and cardio (week 1), 30 minute restorative yoga (using Down Dog)
Wednesday: 45 minute walk, Arms & Abs workout, 15 minute restorative yoga (the 0.5 workout)
Thursday: 60 minutes soccer, 35 minutes yoga
Friday: Rest Day 1
Saturday: Rest Day 2
Sunday: Soccer, 60 minute yoga, BBG Full Body (week 1)


Friday 1: A slice of chocolate truffle marble cake
Friday 2: Butternut squash ravioli at Craft and drinks with friends
Saturday: Breakfast with eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, home fries, toast and a crepe at Tutti Frutti

How I feel:

Recap: Rest days are needed! Not just to recoup after one week of training but to prepare your body for the next week. Not taking one last week, because I was too worried about fitting in all my goals, really hindered me this week.

Next Week:

I wrote out a list of all the workouts to complete next week and I’ll check them off each day. I saw someone I follow on instagram does this and thought I would try it out.

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