Weekly Fitness Post 1

If you’ve been following along, you’ll notice that this post is labelled as my first fitness post (I previously had two weeks). I’ve decided to restart at 1 for 2017 and will be linking my goals to each fitness post.

You can see my weekly fitness goals/discussion on my eating here.

Workout summary:

Yoga 6 times
Cardio 6 times
Resistance 3 times
x Cheated 3 times

Monday: 75 minute Hot Yoga class and a 35 minute bike
Tuesday: 60 minute Hot Power Yoga class and a 60 minute soccer game
Wednesday: 40 minute walk on lunch break and 30 minute resistance training (BBG)
Thursday: 60 minute Hot Yang/Yin Yoga class and 35 minute bike
Friday: Arm workout and 30 minute restorative yoga (using the Down Dog app)
Saturday: 8.5 km snowshoe (hike) and 30 minute restorative yoga (using the Down Dog app)
Sunday: 30 minute ab workout, 60 minute soccer game and 30 minute restorative yoga (using the Down Dog app)


Monday: Starbucks tuxedo hot chocolate and nanaimo bar
Friday: A slice of chocolate cake
Saturday: Pulled pork, bacon and wild mushroom Mac & Cheese (no regrets)

How I feel:

Tired. Next week I need to give myself a rest day where I only do a restorative yoga session. This past week I didn’t give myself a chance to relax/rest because I was too worried about fitting all my workout sessions in. I will plan to take my rest day on Friday: normally I give myself Sundays as a rest day but I have a rescheduled soccer game Sunday. Stay tuned for an update next Sunday!

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