Iceland Fitness

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Since I’d like my blog to be about travel AND fitness, I’m providing a summary of how we (my travel buddy and I) kept active on our trip in Iceland. We didn’t have to try very hard but some days we went for an extra hike to get a few more km in. Many of the waterfalls required at least a short hike to see them. On top of that, I like to travel as inexpensively as possible so we brought food from Canada and ate a lot of fruit from grocery stores along the way (to stay healthy). On average we walked 10 km a day and 50 flights of stairs.

Day 1: Walking around Reykjavik. 22 km and 27 flights of stairs (just from exploring the city!)
Day 2: Southeast Iceland. 11 km and 125 flights of stairs (Skogafoss and Skaftafell waterfalls provided us with a lot of stairs)
Day 3: Glacier Hike and Western Iceland. 11 km and 89 flights of stairs.
Day 4: Northern Iceland and Waterfalls Galore. 13 km and 48 flights of stairs.
Day 5: Northeast Iceland. 6 km and 48 flights of stairs (lots of driving this day).
Day 6: Kirkjufell Mountain. 12 km and 39 flights of stairs.
Day 7: Glymur and Akranes. 8 km and 74 flights of stairs.
Day 8: Reykjanes Peninsula. 10 km and 39 flights of stairs.
Day 9: North of Golden Circle. 14 km and 67 flights of stairs.
Day 10: Golden Circle. 11 km and 42 flights of stairs.
Day 11: Last day of Road Trip. 9 km and 28 flights of stairs.
Day 12: Reykjavik. 14 km and 21 flights of stairs.
Day 13: Reykjavik. 11 km and 8 flights of stairs.

A majority of my meals were:

Breakfast: Banana (from a local grocery store), peanut butter and english muffin OR granola and yogurt (Skyr from Iceland).
Snacks: Trail mix of nuts, granola bar or cheese and crackers.
Lunch: Sometimes a sandwich but mostly fruit with peanut butter.
Dinner: We ate out if we could find a restaurant and it was a mix between a burger and fries or fish and chips.

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