Travel Tips

My top travelling tips:

  1. “All you need to travel is your passport and your wallet. Everything else is extra!” If there’s anything you don’t want to forget, it’s these two things. Everything else you can buy at the airport/your destination. It seems trivial but it’s a good philosophy in my opinion.
  2. Research. I personally like to do a ton of research on where to go, places to see, tourist attractions, places off the beaten path, etc. However, if that’s not your style check out the basics like travel insurance, tipping, travel visas, maximum travel time and card usage (do they take Visa, MasterCard, debit).
  3. Pack for the weather and pack extras. I’ve been down south (Cuba) and wished I had extra pants and sweaters because the evenings were chilly but the days were beautiful and sunny. I didn’t look at the weather before heading down and assumed it would be all heat and sunshine. I went to Iceland this year in May and lost my only pair of gloves. Luckily, my travel partner had an extra pair and I was so grateful!

Do you have any other basic tips for travelling? Let me know!

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