My Travels

Welcome to Passportunities! I plan for my blog to be a creative outlet to write about my travels (I’ve caught the travel bug and it’s not going anywhere), my fitness journey and my photography skills. I’m an amateur in all three areas and will never claim to be an expert.

I’ve previously visited (and won’t be writing about):
1. France (March 2005): I did a France exchange with my high school but plan to return.
2. Alberta, Canada (2012 and 2013): Calgary Stampede, Dinosaur Provincial Park and the Rockies
3. Maritimes, Canada (August 2014): Halifax, Nova Scotia and Charlottetown, PEI
4. Varadero, Cuba (December 2014): All-inclusive resort
5. Cross-Canada road trip (May 2015): Travelled from Calgary, Alberta to Ottawa, Ontario in 5 days.

More recently, I’ve had the “passpportunities” to visit (and plan to write about):
6. Iceland (May 2016)
7. New York City (July 2016)
8. Varadero, Cuba (December 2016)

A few of my upcoming travels include: more Alberta, Canada (2017); England (2017); Ireland (2017); Las Vegas (2018).

I plan to document my fitness journey and provide my tips/fitness plans for travelling. This will be separate from my travel posts but I’ve become invested in my health and fitness is a big part of that.

Finally, I purchased a Nikon D3300 for my Iceland trip. I’ve always wanted to take a photography course and figured travelling is the perfect excuse to work on my photography skills (or currently lack-there-of).

Feel free to join me on this journey and I will always welcome feedback/tips!

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